At Multivision we understand the financial issues that public sector organisations face in the current market place, reduced budgets, escalating workload and increased customer requirements mean it's more important than ever to have a good integrated security solution in place.

We've been carrying out work in various public sector buildings such as Schools, Colleges, Local Government, HM Prison Service and Healthcare premises for many years. Security is not just a problem out of hours many public sector buildings are in use around the clock. In addition to protecting their own staff and premises, many Public Sector organisations will also have responsibility for protecting those who are using their services such as students in schools, patients in hospitals or residents in care homes.

When large numbers of people are passing through the building on a daily basis, security can be challenging and it is important to have the correct systems in place that will protect these individuals and their possessions. To protect staff, patients, students, visitors and property from criminal intent, a professionally installed CCTV security system can provide peace of mind, and can improve your legal position in the event of a claim.

Multivision CCTV are a leading security installation company at the forefront of CCTV design, installation and maintenance. We provide our discerning clients with custom designed digital recording systems that are tailored to their particular requirements in all sectors of the economy. Our role is to enhance the security of our customers entire operation.

Our co-ordinated team of sales, project design and engineering staff esure our clients have security systems that are properly installed, perform to specification and give ongoing problem free service.