Running a business in the UK means operating in a society where theft, vandalism and violence are a constant threat. Minimise the risk to your business by installing a digital IP CCTV system.

CCTV cameras are a proven deterrent against crime, vandalism, unwanted visitors and staff problems. Millions of businesses have the benefit of professional up-to-date digital IP CCTV systems. Statistics point to major reductions in crime where cameras are installed and CCTV is seen by many as the best deterrent.

Properly installed and maintained CCTV systems can reduce crime by up to 90%. Remember, CCTV is not just to record criminal activity, it can also be used to record details of specific areas of your business for the monitoring and protection of staff & personnel.

CCTV uses go far beyond conventional the situations where cctv monitoring can be applied are numerous.

Facial Recognition - CCTV adjusted to record facial detail is invaluable for Police evidence.

• Entrance & Exits - Record all visitors to and from each entrance point with data time logging.

• Vehicle Registrations - Specialised ANPR cameras can record & log vehicle registrations.

• Staff Activities - Theft by staff is responsible for up to 60% of shrinkage from retail premises.

• Cash Tills - This is one of the most vulnerable areas in retail environment that needs watching.

• Workplace - Keep a close watch to ensure your employees are working to full capacity.